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Laser projection allows for visualizing a specific location in advance to assemble parts or aid in positioning.

Several systems are available, such as laser template and contour projectors, automated displacement lines, or fixed positioning laser lines.

The 3D digital laser projector draws the outline of the part using laser light and shows the operation to be performed, based on a 2D or 3D computer-aided design (CAD) file.

The 3D technical drawing from the design office can therefore be projected in real-time during production. The designer's modifications are also instantly taken into account. The size of the projections ranges from the smallest (a few mm) to the largest structures (several tens of meters) with very high positioning precision. The system automatically calibrates itself in space. A remote control allows you to go through the different stages.

Assembly becomes ultra-simple, even for new users.

This working light functions like a video projector but is much more precise because a video projector generates a very diffused beam while the laser diode generates a fine and very precise line.

The laser system is adapted according to your needs and significantly optimizes your industrial manufacturing processes. Orientation or reference errors are eliminated, and waste and rejects are minimized, resulting in superior and consistent quality. Physical tooling or positioning templates become unnecessary, leading to significant savings in design and manufacturing costs. Our products are designed to reduce the costs of designing, manufacturing, and modifying physical prototypes. As a result, the tedious storage and sometimes dangerous handling of large metal prototypes is simplified.


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Our range of programmable industrial laser products and solutions with remote control allows for the preview of the position of an element:

  • On a table

  • On a large part

  • On a robotic production line

  • In a mold or preform

  • On a machine tool

  • On an assembly station

  • Confirmation of a measurement

  • Visualization of small...and large parts

  • Fixed or mobile projector

  • The projector can be adapted to a fixed machine or used in portable mode.

Examples of applications:

  • Composite Manufacturing process in fiber placement and tape laying

  • Wood frame construction assemblies (15 meters)

  • Welded assemblies (6 meters)

  • Integration of robots, automated loading stations

  • Sticker application

  • Complex or numerous assemblies

  • Technical fabric stacking processes in composite materials

  • Tool positioning processes

  • Clamping of parts on a table or a surface plate

  • Part positioning control

  • Step-by-step validation control

  • Reports of positioning control

Application areas:

  • Carbon fiber composite part manufacturing

  • Defense and Space 

  • Fiberglass composite part manufacturing

  • Tire manufacturing

  • Precast concrete and reinforcement

  • Prefabricated wood and panels

  • Steel prefabrication

  • Welding point marking

  • Electronic assembly

  • Medical positioning

  • Manufacturing of paramedical elements

  • Conveyor alignment

  • Bonding

  • Labeling

  • Projection of patterns on leather and fabrics

  • Wiring...

Projections on the following materials:

  • Carbon Hand Lay-up (green laser recommended)

  • ATL (Automated Tape Laying)

  • AFP (Automated Fiber Placement

  • Tires (green laser recommended)

  • Rubbers Hand Lay-up (green laser recommended)

  • EPDM (green laser recommended)

  • Multiple process

  • Plastic

  • Paper

  • Cardboard

  • Natural leather

  • Printed leather (green laser recommended)

  • Fabrics

  • Skins (medical)

  • Foam

  • Solid wood

  • Engineered wood

  • Concrete (green laser recommended)

  • Natural stone, marble

  • Slate (green laser recommended)

  • Steel (green laser recommended)

  • Matte sheets

  • Shiny sheets (green laser recommended)

  • Stainless steel (green laser recommended)

  • Raw aluminum

  • Brushed aluminum (green laser recommended)

  • Brass (green laser recommended)

  • Copper

  • Zinc

  • Precious metals

  • Fiberglass (green laser recommended)

  • Frosted glass (green laser recommended)

  • Bottle glass (green laser recommended)

  • Ceramic (green laser recommended)

  • Tiles

  • Bricks

  • Porcelain (green laser recommended)

  • Printed or colored materials (green laser recommended)

  • Plated materials

  • Matte lacquered materials

  • Glossy lacquered materials (green laser recommended)

A green laser is four times more visible than a red laser with the same power.

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 LASER DIODE is a small semiconductor component that directly converts electrical energy into laser light.
But it's only by choosing a high-quality diode, adding an optimized electronic board, crystalline optical lenses, and years of research and development that a high-performance, precise, and durable laser module can be achieved.

 GREEN LASER IS MORE VISIBLE THAN RED LASER: The color green is better perceived by the human eye than the color red,

which explains why a green laser will be 4 times more visible than a red laser for the same power!


We also offer line laser generators in various shapes, with fixed optics in the shape of lines, crosses, points, and in green or red colors, to define the position of a piece or tooling. The powers range from 1mW to 50mW, within laser class 1 and class 2 standards in the steel, concrete, and composite materials industries. Alignment lasers trace a laser line that can, for example, mark a cutting line on a circular saw or align a moving piece on a conveyor. Also called laser modules, they are used to visualize a target line or to position a piece by its edge or shape. The laser source comes from a diode that emits red or green radiation.

The applications of a line laser are endless: you can position or align any material with millimeter precision.

Our lasers are used in industry for assembling, gluing, bending, welding, or simply indicating the position of an element.

Laser vert inox.JPG

We provide a turnkey solution from pre-study to realization, on-site installation, and training. The entire project is done in-house, which allows us to quickly provide a technical response with an optimized price.

We are the preferred partners of major groups and their subcontractors. Our products have made their way into fields such as laser projection on carbon dredging in aeronautics, element positioning in aerospace, welding pointing in metallurgy, assembly visualization in the automotive industry, visual control by laser projector in quality assurance work, wood industry, energy, automotive, motorsports, yachts, motorboats, rail, luxury (projection of patterns on fabrics and leathers), and many other high-tech creations.

Constantly seeking improvement, our software receives new features every month. This allows us to offer systems at competitive prices and always with the most optimized operation.

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Laser projection positioning is well-suited to industrial technical requirements. Preparation times are greatly reduced, production procedures are simplified, and work quality is optimized. Our products contribute to regulating your production in terms of both time and quality. With nearly 30 years of industrial experience at our clients' disposal, we can help optimize production and enable competitiveness in the current market. We are a supplier of laser jig solutions.

Today's industrial activity requires new products with new adaptations to today's needs. Our new three-dimensional laser technologies allow for a wide range of applications in various fields such as aerospace, nuclear power, metallurgy, plastics, carpentry, and metal framing.

In these diverse fields, we offer products that can help businesses save time and increase precision. We also offer measuring arms for research and development or reverse engineering applications, which are available in addition to laser projectors.

As a result of increased demands in the construction industry, much more precise positioning tolerances have emerged than before. The reason is the decrease in prefabrication tolerances in concrete, for example, and the evolution of standards.

Computing now plays a predominant role, and this technology has entered the carpentry industry through computer-controlled machines equipped with SL-Laser projectors and has modernized the assembly process for carpenters.

3D drawing and 3D scanning are now part of the post-pandemic world, with improved software ergonomics and more intuitive laser projector operation. The assembly can then be done step by step or all at once. The advantage of doing it in several steps is to sequence the operation into several distinct stages and thus respect the manufacturing order and quality process in production.

To show the different operations, we can of course increasingly use televisions or screens to project a manufacturing or assembly instruction PDF. We also offer programmable remote controls for ergonomic and simplified use. Different types of remote controls are available, as well as programmable pedals or barcode readers for instant data loading. Some touch tablets will also improve the portable experience of laser projectors.

On the part or on the table, useful information such as part references, part size or 3D shape and contours, as well as diagrams or symbols, can also be projected.

Laser projectors can also be used as portable devices depending on the application or location constraints. We deliver according to your needs. With us, you have a partner at hand to work on your projects. With our highly flexible products, we can provide you with a personalized and tailored response to your needs.

The projector software allows modifications in the programming code, and we adapt the software for use with the desired functions. It is also possible to integrate vision cameras to assist the user in their task.

In terms of safety, our devices are certified to CE standards in compliance with the laser classes in force in the industry.

Technical support and maintenance are very important to us and our clients. This is why we take special care in this area. We prove our seriousness in this field every day and have been able to build a very loyal client base as a result. A team of professionals with recognized experience is available to you every day.

Delivery times are relatively short and are around 2-3 weeks.
Delivery in France and all over the world.
Express delivery upon request, with additional charges.

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