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gabarit laser

A very practical work light!

Positioning by laser projection is adapted to the technical needs of industries. Preparation times are greatly reduced, production procedures are simplified and the quality of work is optimized. Our products help to regularize your production in time and quality. A long experience made available to our Customers to optimize production and be competitive in the current market.


"An innovative industrial solution resulting from laser technology, which saves time and money ..."

Personalized service:

We deliver according to your needs. With us you have a partner
at your fingertips to work on your projects. With our products very
flexible, we can provide you with a personalized solution
and optimized to your needs.


We provide a turnkey solution that goes from the study to
the achievement. The whole project is done in-house, which allows
to quickly provide an optimal and quality solution.


Technical support and maintenance are very important points.
important to us and to our Customers. This is why we are there
take special care. We prove our seriousness every day
in this area and have thus been able to retain a very large number of
Clients. A team of professionals with recognized experience stand
every day at your disposal.


"In addition to products and systems, we bring you our service and our ideas
so that with each project you get the maximum result.


                                                                                                                    GABARIT LASER


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