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The green laser is 4 times more visible than the red laser. The GA-LV positioning laser is a very precise green line laser that allows you to visualize a very bright line. The high visibility GA-LV green alignment laser (530nm) can be powered by 12-24V direct or 220V (220V mains power optional.). Its use is recommended in bright light conditions. Its robust and compact IP 67 construction allows it to become the essential precision tool for any workstation. Manufacturers have chosen it for its longevity and its stainless steel construction.

- position a part
- help  assembly 
- align a cut line
- center a load under an overhead crane
- align a pallet
- two lines can form a cross
- measurement or vision by camera ... etc.


The average use distance
will define the power from laser in mW (milliWatts)
as well as the length of the projected line.


Ref. (SKU) :  GA-LV-3

Range: from 1 to 20 meters

Laser class 2

Fixed or adjustable focal length
Power supply: direct 12-24V or 220V mains
Connector: DIN M12 (5 pin)
Materials: Stainless steel
Dimensions: length 140mm x Ø20mm
Protection: IP 67 (dust and water)

Laser Croix rouge GA-XR
Laser croix à double lignes croisées
Connexion au laser croix par connecteur DIN M12

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