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Circle laser of variable diameter, controllable by wired remote control. the  green laser is 4 times more visible than red laser. The circle laser is a very bright laser (530nm) which is powered by 220V (Power supply included). Its robust and compact IP 54 construction allows it to become the essential precision tool for your workstation.
It is quickly fixed in height, with its adjustable mounting bracket supplied.

- position a circular object
- center a load under an overhead crane
- align a circular cut line
- delimit an area on the ground
... etc.


Use a plumb bob to position the laser in the center of your table.  job.

Circle laser (variable)

Laser circle of variable diameter, adjustable by wired remote control.
Laser class 2M
220V mains supply
Power cable length: 2 meters,

Cable length of wired remote controls: 10 meters

SL Circle Laser.jpg
Télécommande IP54 pour laser cercle, réglage du diamètre et réglage de la vitesse d'ouverture.
Laser cercle 220V pilotable par télécommande filaire
Laser cercle à focale réglable (épaisseur du trait)
Support de fixation rotule pour laser cercle de chez GABARIT LASER

Demonstration video

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