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Automatic Target Scan

Automatic Target Scan

This full automatic target scanner allows a total automation and  complet calibration of all SL-Laser projectors.
The integrated scanner makes it possible to visualize the area of the targets and track their exact position. The laser projector is complet calibrated in 1.8 seconds.


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One-touch processing

Prodirector 7.png
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Easy installation.

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Fits all laser projectors, even old ones.

Automatic targets scanner .png

Mobile workstation with telescopic mast

Aluminum frame with a telescopic electric jib crane that can reach up to 5.2 meters ,

Height adjustable by push button
Supplied with mounting plate for laser projector or Motorlaser
Lateral offset

Gear motor for height adjustment
Single phase voltage: 220V 16A 50Hz

Adjustable projection height: from 1800mm to 5200mm from the ground

4 solid rubber wheels with locking system.

4 stabilizers
Weight 180kg

Station mobile de projection laser avec potence télescopique retractable
Station mobile de projection laser avec potence telescopique déployée

Optimizes the number of lasers 

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Mobile workstation (light)

Aluminum frame 
For ProDirector XS2 exclusively

Adjustable projection height: from 500 to 1950mm from the ground

4 rubber wheels with locking system.

4 optional stabilizers

Chariot mobile a potence fixe, avec table amovible
Chariot mobile a potence fixe.png

Optimizes the number of lasers

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Motorized rotating mounting support for the specific geometry of laser projectors.

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Adaptable on mobile trolley

Support de fixation rotatif motorisé pour ProDirectorXS2
Support de fixation rotatif motorisé pour ProDirector6
Tablette tacile


Works with the option - Wireless Laser Projector -.
To control the laser projector directly without going through a PC-server.
Pilot up to 16 laser projectors.
Range: about 20 meters from the laser in open field.
Unhardened tablet.
Windows 10 

Comes with Accessories:
- Surface Pen
-Rear protection shell
-Protective film

Tablet preconfigured with the chosen SL software.

Tablette tactile Windows Surface Pro
Tablette Windows Préconfigurée avec les logiciel SL-Laser choisis
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The complete 3D model in your hand

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Integration of your instruction sheets in .pdf format

PC Industriel


Processor: CPU INTEL Intel Core i5-3610ME 3.3GHz
Dual Core CPU Hyper-Threading
Hard drive: 2.5 ”SATA INTEL120 GB SSD

RAM: DDR3 4.00 GB
Monitor: Industrial 19 ”touchscreen

Keyboard: Standard 

Mouse: Standard
Power supply: 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz

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ideal in harsh environments

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Mobile PC

PC Industriel sur chassis à roulettes


Heavy tripods 
Large model and  small model: from 1.8 to 5 meters

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Easy mobility and storage

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Small budget

Trépied petit modèle hauteur jusqu'à 1m80
telecommandes SL


The remote controls are each composed of a transmitter and a receiver. The receiver is connected to the PC or to the laser projector. They have been designed to withstand use in an industrial environment.

The remote control is equipped with programmable buttons according to the customer's needs. The keys are defined using our SL software.

Principle of operation:
The transmitter sends a command signal through the receiver to the software which executes the desired command. The graphic display is used to control the operation of the remote control or to display references related to the projection.

Scope of the system:
The remote controls are designed for a range of approximately 50 meters under optimal conditions. Even walls or steel structures are traversed by the system. The maximum range is only valid in open areas.

High Frequency Remote Control: UHF
The set corresponds to European and national directives in terms of electromagnetic compatibility.

The transmitter and receiver are paired at the factory. The remote controls can operate in close proximity to each other.

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Extreme longevity

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No need to point '' at '' the laser

Télécommande XXL
Télécommande hermétique programmable SL-Laser.png
Bracelet de commande

Works with 3 1.5V AAA batteries.


Also  called calibration reflectors or calibration targets.

We offer you the targets specifically adapted to your field of application.

In addition, our manufacturing department will allow you to receive target brackets perfectly adjusted to your workstation.

Depending on the material chosen, we can provide tailor-made targets and target brackets.

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standard calibration target 45_deg.jpg

Old model of calibration target


Our software allows the transmission of 2D / 3D files to the laser projectors by a PC equipped with a USB port (our standard)

Depending on the type of files to be projected:

CNC ... 
For the most common.

We know how to project about 145 different file types !

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Programming of tailor-made functionality

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Touch screen software

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